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    You need to have Right Mind-Set
    for trading

    • 1Psychology (60%)
    • 2Money Management (14%)
    • 3Trading System (13%)
    • 4News/Other outside Information (13%)
  • Welcome To My Risk Mentor

    We all know that trading is all about discipline, but honestly how many of us really implement the discipline of risk/money management in trading and investing? Emotions play an important role in Trading and investing. Risk Management is the most important tool in this business. A trader’s ability to limit his losses is just as important (Sometime even more important) as his success in managing winning positions.

    If a trader losses a small amount on every trade, then he will stay in the game a lot longer. Taking huge losses is one of the main reasons why so many traders don’t survive in this business. Trading and investing is serious business and 90% of participant don’t realize unless it gets too late.

    You need to have RIGHT MIND-SET for trading.

How we can help you

  • We are providing a risk management mentoring, trading statement analysis service (very new product) to traders and investors.

  • You should be proud to be in this business because trading is the hardest business in this world.

  • This is very rewarding business if done with proper discipline and money management rules.


Over 101 short and easily digestible chapters, this eBook takes readers behind the scenes of the life of a professional trader: from how to get started all the way through to staying in the game for the long term. Find out what a profitable strategy looks like.
Discover the cardinal rules of effective risk management. Get a true handle on the kind of mindset you need to succeed. And watch some of Piper's own trades in action with exclusive links to online videos.


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