About us

We believe that every trader can be successful if they have proper risk management tool. We are different because we believe “Trading results and emotional analysis” is more important than any technical or fundamental analysis. Our team has got rich experience and after doing huge research of market and speaking with different traders and investors we have come out with unique product and solution in this industry.

Not risking too much money on any given trade is essential for any trader. Unfortunately, when most people start trading, they do not think about the risk they are taking and only think and care about the potential rewards which always result in painful and stressful trading experience.

We are risk mentor and exclusive trading and emotional analysis service providers; we are not a broker, so we do not earn commission in any of your trading activity. We are equipped with the latest technology to help you to manage your risk and analysis your trades to help you achieve the best risk management trading results.
We know that trading is a very lonely job and that’s why we have team to help you speak to share your emotions, ideas and plan with us. Every successful trader has to pass the stressful journey and if you have someone to share your negative and positive emotions then the journey becomes lot easier.

I have personally seen lots of ups and downs in my trading career and I can completely understand the negative emotions we traders pass through in our journey. Lots of trades don’t even able to complete and reach their goal and unfortunately quit trading, but with us we will try our best to motivate you, to help you control your emotion, to help you know analysis your trading results, the mistake you made, the time good for your trading, the pair which is benefiting you and lot more to help you achieve the best possible results.

Now you are not alone in your trading and investment Journey, we are always there to help you in best possible way.