IT Enable Solutions

MRM has partnered working with Netgains who are an independent software vendor for capital markets providing multi-asset trading platforms, order & risk management systems, pre and post trade analytics, and data analytic products.

Netgains offers various platforms, software solutions, modules which can be used within by financial services firms to trade, manage risk, and analyze financial data. All these offerings are available as open source, as well as packaged executable versions with full documentation.

They provide:
Cost efficient solutions
Collaborative product development which will lead to faster implementations, quality products
Innovation in long term
Flexibility to all our customers (no long term contracts / lock-ins)


All the Open Source code is available under GPLv3 license
And under a commercial license (with minor alterations) for fully supported out of the box solutions and enterprise features


We provide support and service for all our platforms, modules, code support, integration, project management, deployments, infrastructure management and more. Kindly reach out to us.